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February 14th, 2008

This country has a nursing home care crisis currently brewing.  We are one of the few countries that seems to discard the elderly.  The psychology behind this can be talked about and debated until the cows come home.  One thing is for certain, the elderly need a champion, a group of individuals that will fight and protect them.  Those individuals are nursing home neglect/abuse lawyers.  The need to champion the rights of the elderly abused and neglect has never rang so clear as in the case below.

A jury in New Mexico recently awarded $54 million to the family of a nursing home resident who died of untreated internal bleeding. 

This huge verdict is a message and testament to the grossly negligent care that one typically gets in American nursing home facilities.

The award is the state’s largest ever in a case involving nursing home neglect, say attorneys in Albuquerque.

According to the lawsuit, in 2004 78-year-old Barbara Barber died of internal bleeding at a nursing home owned by ManorCare Inc. Attorneys for Barber’s family argued that employees at the Albuquerque nursing home failed to seek treatment for Barber, who bled to death over several days.

The lawsuit also accused ManorCare employees of attempting to cover up the manner of Barber’s death. The family’s attorneys said employees at the facility disposed of blood-stained pillows and sheets in Barber’s room without notifying the health department.

Following the trial, ManorCare issued a statement expressing sympathy for Barber’s family. The company, however, denied any wrongdoing and said it stands behind the care Barber was provided.

Barber’s daughter, Lori Keith, said the verdict will allow her to begin the process of grieving the loss of her mother.

What we should all be thinking about in this case is this: you work hard your whole life, raise a family and try and do the right thing only to have your remaining days composed of pain and anguish, and, in this case, neglect tantamount to torture simply because a nursing home looks to cut corners and not hire the proper skilled staff.  Capitalism does not work here and needs to be put in check. 

Thank god for nursing home neglect/abuse lawyers.  If you have any questions please call a nursing home neglect lawyer today for free at 1(800)WE-FIGHT or email us for a free online consultation.

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