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Ignored by 911, woman dies in hospital waiting room of Martin Luther King Jr., Harbor Hospital, Los Angelos California

July 6th, 2008

Edith Isabel Rodriguez, 43, layed bleeding on a waiting room floor in for more than 45 minutes and was left to die because the hospital simply ignored her and her boyfriend’s cries for help and failed to treat her

To see the shocking video footage of Edith Rodriguez’ wrongful death please visit

Ms. Rodriguez’ boyfriend, Jose Prado, even contacted 911 in the emergency waiting room of the hospital but they refused to call paramedics or transfer her to another health care facility.

Ms. Rodriguez died of a perforated bowel and experts say that she would have survived if she had been treated early enough.  It is reported that she died while the police were taking her out of the hospital not to transfer her to give her care but because they were arresting her for an allege parole violation.

This egregious patient care mishap and wrongful death is a very serious crisis.  The city hospital’s failure to treat urgent medical emergencies is an ongoing calamity that seems to have no end in sight.  Edith Rodriguez’ family and friends are seeking $45 million dollars, (one million dollars for every minute she was left on the floor), for this egregious failure of the hospital to treat her citing negligence, medical malpractice and wrongful death.

The health care crisis is one that needs a group of dedicated legal soldiers, if you will, that are going to be the champions of patients rights.  A take no prisoners stategy is the only way to enforce justice not only for Edith Rodriguez but all of the future patients that will fall due to neglectful, reckless incompetence of city run hospitals such as this.

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