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Ignored by 911, woman dies in hospital waiting room of Martin Luther King Jr., Harbor Hospital, Los Angelos California

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Edith Isabel Rodriguez, 43, layed bleeding on a waiting room floor in for more than 45 minutes and was left to die because the hospital simply ignored her and her boyfriend’s cries for help and failed to treat her

To see the shocking video footage of Edith Rodriguez’ wrongful death please visit

Ms. Rodriguez’ boyfriend, Jose Prado, even contacted 911 in the emergency waiting room of the hospital but they refused to call paramedics or transfer her to another health care facility.

Ms. Rodriguez died of a perforated bowel and experts say that she would have survived if she had been treated early enough.  It is reported that she died while the police were taking her out of the hospital not to transfer her to give her care but because they were arresting her for an allege parole violation.

This egregious patient care mishap and wrongful death is a very serious crisis.  The city hospital’s failure to treat urgent medical emergencies is an ongoing calamity that seems to have no end in sight.  Edith Rodriguez’ family and friends are seeking $45 million dollars, (one million dollars for every minute she was left on the floor), for this egregious failure of the hospital to treat her citing negligence, medical malpractice and wrongful death.

The health care crisis is one that needs a group of dedicated legal soldiers, if you will, that are going to be the champions of patients rights.  A take no prisoners stategy is the only way to enforce justice not only for Edith Rodriguez but all of the future patients that will fall due to neglectful, reckless incompetence of city run hospitals such as this.

Woman dies in hospital waiting room, Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York – failure to treat

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

The level of treament in has reached new lows.  Esmin Green, 49, was waiting in the emergency room of psychiatric ward of Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn, New York when she collapsed and was left there for over one hour to die.  The video tape of the emergency room depicts multiple employees of the hospital doing absolutely nothing, despite witnessing her collapse to the floor.  Clearly, legal action needs to be taken to bring the city to justice and prevent this failure to treat and complete disregard for human life from happening again.

As all concerned about the dismal conditions and care of this hospital now know Esmin Green died because of Kings County Hospitals failure to treat her.  Amazingly, it is reported that Esmin Green’s medical records point to the possibility that some employees may have tried to cover up the incident.  Apparently the dismal employees involved in that alleged cover up forgot that the waiting room was video taped.  To see the shocking video tape please visit . 

You can also see the shocking video on youtube at

Kings County Hospital is a city run hospital run by the .  A lawsuit was filed a year ago by a state agency, the and the calling the psychiatric ward of Kings County Hospital “a chamber of filth, decay, indifference and danger.”  This is a shocking display of the failure to treat a patient and the complete disregard for this fragile human condition that Esmin Green was unfortunate enough to be afflicted with.

I for one am glad that this video has aired.  Finally, the public will see the true, sub-human conditions that sick patients have to endure by this city run hospital and it’s blatant disregard for human decency and life.  Choosing the right attorney for this case is of paramount importance to teach the city and Kings County Hospital that this will not be tolerated and will stop now in the name of all that is righteous and just.  If anyone has any legal questions regarding this shameful incident please do not hesitate to contact 1(800)WE-FIGHT and speak to a lawyer for free.

Birth Injury Articles, Causes, Lawyers, Attorneys, Cases, Awards – 1(800)WE-FIGHT for a free consultation

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

There is nothing more natural and amazing as a woman giving birth.  However, every year doctors cause countless mistakes during pregnancy, the birthing process and labor resulting in egregious and catastrophic injuries to new borns and their mothers.  , especially ”baby brain damage” cases as they are callously referred to are very complex.  As such, if anyone believes their child has been victimized by a doctor they should immediately consult with competent legal counsel experienced in these types of complex cases.

The following article describes the complexities lawyers experienced in these cases are required to navigate through to fight and win on behalf of their clients.

01/31 – National Legal News

A mother and father from Honolulu filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Tripler Army Medical Center earlier this month for actions that they claim resulted in their daughter’s bilateral cerebral palsy.

Bilateral cerebral palsy is a heartbreaking and very debilitation result to a doctors mistake.  It typically involves countless years of struggle for both the family and the child victimized both physically, emotionally and economically.

David and Celia McCraw allege that while Celia was in labor with their daughter, Kayla, a fetal heart monitor revealed that the child began to experience severe heart rate decelerations. The parents claim in their lawsuit that these symptoms indicated that Kayla was suffering from a severe lack of oxygen, and that a Caesarian section birth should have been performed.

It always blows my mind how a doctor, in this day and age, would not simply perform a Caesarian section birth at the first sign of heart rate abnormalities.

Celia McCraw stayed in labor a total of 10 hours before giving birth, at which point it was discovered that Kayla’s umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around her neck, the McCraws allege. In an effort to resuscitate Kayla, a breathing tube was placed down her throat; however, the lawsuit alleges that the tube was placed into Kayla’s esophagus instead of her trachea. It was roughly 30 minutes before the mistake was discovered.

Complacency is the plague of our society.  There should never be a time when a doctor should put his or her guard down during a delivery or during a woman’s pregnancy for that matter.

The McCraws are suing for unspecified damages. Kayla suffers from bilateral cerebral palsy and requires physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

My heart goes out to the McCraws.  There is nothing that we can do to reverse the heartache they have undergone.  But what lawyers can do is make our clients lives easier by vigorously litigating birthing injury cases like this.  The monetary compensation they receive will pay for the exorbitant life time expenses they will incur in medical costs and care for their child who has been victimized by this horrific medical malpractice.

Tripler Army Medical Center has not commented on the lawsuit.

If you or anyone you know has a child suffering from cerebral palsy, bilateral cerebral palsy, erbs palsy or any type of palsy please contact the aggressive, caring lawyers at 1(800)WE-FIGHT for a free consultation or email us for a free confidential consultation right away.  Do not delay, the law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim.  Please feel free to visit the resources of our website if you have questions on what cerebral palsy, erbs palsy or any type of palsy is or what causes cerebral or erbs palsy.

Medical Malpractice Cases, Moving out of Courts? – Call 1(800)WE-FIGHT

Saturday, January 5th, 2008


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