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Seroquel Linked to Blood Sugar Disorders

Seroquel (generic: quetiapine fumarate) is manufactured by the drug company AstraZeneca. Seroquel is a neuroleptic and is part of a newer class of antipsychotic medications called “atypical antipsychotics.” These newer medications have been marketed as being as effective but as having fewer side effects than their older counterparts (i.e. Haldol). However, Seroquel and other drugs in its class are linked with a higher risk of diabetes and other blood sugar disorders than the older antipsychotics.

Originally approved for the treatment of schizophrenia (September 1997), Seroquel was later approved for bipolar mania (January 2004) as monotherapy and as combination therapy with lithium and Depakote, and as a short term bipolar disorder treatment (August 2004). Seroquel is prescribed off-label for a host of disorders including such as post-traumatic stress disorder, restless legs syndrome, autism, and for children and adolescents.

Seroquel Side Effects & Complications

In August 2003, a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago was released that indicated that Seroquel, Risperdal and Zyprexa had a higher risk of diabetes than older antipsychotic medications. Seroquel is also linked to hyperglycemia and pancreatitis. Seroquel is linked with death in elderly patients with dementia; a warning has been added to the drug’s label.

Seroquel Patients Have Legal Rights

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