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$3.7 Million Awarded in Workplace Injury

Broward County, FL: A $3.3 million settlement has been awarded by a jury in the case of a laborer who suffered amputation of all the fingers on his right - which is his dominant hand - resulting from a workplace accident involving a mechanical press in 2005.

Phiteau Dalien who was 33 years of age at the time, had his hand caught in a vintage 50-ton mechanical press brake he was operating for List Industries Inc. As a result his hand was crushed and he underwent surgery to amputate his fingers. He had a second surgery to build a partial thumb, and could require a further surgery to try an rebuild his other fingers.

In his suit, Dalien allleged that the outdated machine he was operating for List Industries lacked safety features and that a language barrier prevented him from being properly trained. List Industries claimed the accident was caused by operator error. The jury found Dalien 10 percent liable, thereby reducing the $3,730,416 award.

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Last updated on Mar-22-11
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